Art is Life

Art is Life

Husband, Wife, and Daughters make up the team of GM WATT DESIGN LLC. Our hope is  to expand our creative expression of art to all, allowing people to see Art in all its forms. 

Art can be found in every facet of life, from the things we physically see with our eyes to the things we create in our minds. It can be a feeling that comes out in the form of dance or even the expression of a smile on a child's face in perfect bliss. It can invoke so many emotions and truly make people think.

Isnt it amazing that if we STOP and take a look at everything around us we will see that everything in life is created. Art represents a recreation or a new creation from each of our individual perspectives. It can never get stale when there can be so many possible outcomes. Just look at the uniqueness of the people that surround you. Isn't it absolutely beautiful! Art is Life and Life is Art. Let's just sit back, kick our feet up, and take it all in.

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